– The biggest bunch at this year’s Cannes is not lucky winners, it’s people behind more than 38,000 losing pieces. And whether it’s a small agency from a country you’ve never heard of or a big shot network with gargantuan budgets, hardworking post-production teams or brave clients (real or invented) - they do shed a tear when results are announced.

– For their pain not to be wasted away, these are symbolic tears of loss, bottled for your own luck next year. They’ve cried - so you’d win.

– Types of  
   at Cannes

“It’s not all about the
awards anyway”
– pretender
“I know we didn’t enter,
but why our competitors won and we didn’t?”
– the client
“Don’t worry, we’ll work from Starbucks from now on”
- CEO of indie agency
who invested it all
“Well, maybe sixteenth
time will be the charm”
– the veteran
“Their client is
totally fake”
– the conspirator
“That Grand Prix was
done 5 years ago”
– the hater
“It’s just a sign that
working 60 hours a
week is not enough”
– maniac
“What do you mean
none of our 120
submissions won?”
– CEO of huge agency
“I‘m just going to stay
in my room and watch
winning ads until I
understand how to
produce a winner“
– the sufferer

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